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I’ve worked in many areas over my life and no matter what it has been, in Administration, Corporate, Education, Training, Child Care, Employment, or Health and Healing, there has always been a pull to connect and support others. So when we moved to Canada with my husband and two sons in 2014, it felt very natural to offer counselling. I trained with Vancouver College of Counsellor and Training and graduated in 2019 with a Diploma of Professional Counselling and a Youth and Family Support Worker Certificate.

I currently work in Corporate and see first hand how many are struggling to manage the current climate with covid, to find harmonious balance between work and family, address the challenges of working from home, nominate relationship tensions that they are experiencing, being honest about the angst from being separated from family and friends, and not knowing how to deal with the anxiety and tension of what’s next and how that will play out. There is no question that what we are experiencing now will potentially have life long consequences for many of us.

I love what counselling offers as a foundation and how it supports working collaboratively with others in an equal and respectful way, to empower and confirm their strengths. When we work from a strength based approach it opens up the space to shed attachments to things we can’t control and embrace the simplicity of living what we naturally know is true in life.

It has been a joy to live, work and explore the beauty of Canada and meet its many diverse citizens. My favourite things are being with people, working in groups, hiking and taking photos, walking with my husband and dog and connecting with family and friends.

If you or someone close to you is looking for some extra or ongoing support, please do get in touch.

Warm regards,